Serpentine Valley Outfitters is a Newfoundland company owned and operated by two life long friends who have always had an interest in the outdoors and in particular hunting and fishing. The lodge is located on the north shore of Serpentine Lake which is just 50m above sea level. Rising steeply behind the lodge are the rugged and beautiful Blow-me-Down mountains. At the tree line of these mountains is the home of some of the largest moose found anywhere in Newfoundland. Newfoundland is also home to some of the biggest black bears in North America. Our most successful hunt is a baited hunt which takes place in early to late June. Our area has had very little hunting pressure for bears and the numbers are quite high. In the foreground is the Lewis Hills mountain range which contains the highest point in this province.

Splitting these two mountain ranges is the Serpentine river which carved its way through the picturesque Serpentine Valley forming a lush green oasis of flora and fauna. Moose and bear thrive is this ideal environment which contains everything they need to survive and flourish. Serpentine Valley Outfitters is located in moose management area 06 which, according to the 2007 survey conducted by the Newfoundland Wildlife Division, has one of the highest density moose populations in NL. The area takes in some 2,800 square kilometres.

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